Holiday Villas To Rent Bequia

It was interesting watching the progression from rustic to polished as we headed back to the US. On the the sea turtle sanctuary for a tour, then a long walk back to the boat for our last night and a meal of Barracuda. Bequia is a small island in the Caribbean, is nestled in the Grenadines, almost unknown, particularly in relation to one of its illustrious nearest neighbours Mustique, and he likes it that way.Not many years, it was not uncommon literally walk in a glamour Rock star in a bar on Bequia, which could walk around unrecognized bars of this island very relaxed.

We left Bequia at 6:30 AM and took a ferry back to St Vincent. We were in teh company of many locals, mostly middle school students in their clean pressed uniforms on their way to mainland St Vincent for a better education. From there, a LIAT flight over to San Jaun, and the rest is pretty much mainland experience. If you ever get there, be sure to investigate Industry beach.

luxury villa holidays bequia, spacious Ocean View suites, six private villas, a penthouse suite and classic rooms. We can arrange day cruises around Bequia and also to Tobago Cays, Mustique and the Isle de Quatre. If you do not surf, then you can delve into some of the most beautiful waters in the world.Enjoy beautiful beach to relax, to explore on foot, by car or bicycle. This is a great little space to relax, read a book and take in your surroundings. Moringa is located centrally on Bequia; a great location and just 5-10 minutes drive away from most beaches, restaurants and shops, and also with additional parking. One of the best value luxury villas for rent on Bequia, great value whether you are a couple looking for a romantic get away or sharing the villa with friends. Here is the center of the best sailing in the Grenadines, and the harbor is full of boats chartered, bars and restaurants packed with sailors, creating a unique atmosphere of excitement. Choose a holiday of total beach relaxation or exhilarating sailing and diving in some of the world’s most beautiful waters.